Nusa Lembongan, the sweet escape only 35 min with the ferry from Bali. In the middle of the main beach Jungut Batu you’ll find Indiana Kenanga, a French family owned boutique
hotel with an authentic island vibe aesthetic. Offering easy access to the rest
of the beach and the main road by foot. Morning walks along the coast and
exploring the small stores by the road is simply a must.

Slow living, coconuts and ocean related entertainment such as surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling is what this island provides. And of course for the worshippers of the sun, there is
multiple hidden beaches around the whole island and the connecting island Nusa

We matched brands
like Kiss ‘N’ Thrill, Bayu and Ranaco with Lodarmi to create the perfect island looks for our getaway. With bikinis as underwear, something made of silk lingering on top and personalising it with jewellery around the hips, neck and ears. It doesn’t get easier
than that going from the beach to the restaurant with a few simple steps.

With breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beach,you will find the ambiance divine and the food outstanding. The perfect balance of white beaches,Crystal blue water and vitamin D.