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Cuore mio, handcrafted gold plated silver pendant Part of the AMORE COLLECTION.

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The CUORE MIO PENDANT is a stunning piece of jewelry designed for those who appreciate elegant and timeless beauty. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this pendant features a delicate heart shaped design, representing the love and passion that goes into each piece. A perfect addition to any outfit, this pendant is sure to make a statement and capture hearts.


Mix of recycled silver and traditional mining in Indonesia 

Double gold plated 925 sterling silver 

Waterproof coat 


Weight: 23,7g

Dimensions: 45 mm x 30 mm

Double gold plated 925 sterling silver 

Waterproof coat 

We craft every piece by hand, valuing each unique detail, therefore every item may contain imperfections and particularities that make this piece unrepeatable and unique. The cuore mio pendant includes a heart which is able to spin, depending if you wanna show the sun or the moon. You can place this pendant on both the LIV chain from DEA collection and Agape Necklace from AMORE collection.


Cuore mio, which is italian for “my heart” was inspired by poems about the sun and the moon. How together they balance each other and everything around them. Even though they are the opposite, they make since together


  • Avoid sea/lake water
  • Let your perfume, Lotion, makeup dry before putting on your jewellery.
  • Store in the little pouch or box your item arrived in.
  • Remove before sleep. 
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All items are crafted by hand in Bali, Indonesia. Therefore the colour of stones and shape of jewellery may very.